Data Fields

_F5_ChartPrecisionTypes Struct Reference

#include <F5Bchart.h>

Data Fields

hid_t Point_hid_t
hid_t Vector_hid_t
hid_t Covector_hid_t
hid_t Bivector_hid_t
hid_t Bicovector_hid_t
hid_t Pseudoscalar_hid_t
hid_t Pseudocoscalar_hid_t
hid_t Metric_hid_t
hid_t Cometric_hid_t

Detailed Description

A structure containing a set of commonly used types per chart, notation according to geometric algebra and differential geometry. ()

Field Documentation

HDF5 type ID for bicovectors

HDF5 type ID for bivectors

HDF5 type ID for covectors

HDF5 type ID for points

HDF5 type ID for directions (tangential vectors)

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