Data Fields

F5Path Struct Reference

#include <F5Path.h>

Data Fields

char * field_info
hid_t field_enum_type_hid
hid_t File_hid
hid_t ContentsGroup_hid
hid_t Slice_hid
hid_t Grid_hid
hid_t GlobalChart_hid
hid_t Charts_hid
hid_t Chart_hid
hid_t Topology_hid
hid_t Representation_hid
hid_t Field_hid

Detailed Description

Field identifiers. This structure contains all HDF5 identifiers that describe a path in an HDF5 file towards a field structure. Each or all may be empty (null or negative) as well.


ADCIRCtoF5.cpp, FragmentedField.c, mm5-nc2F5.c, ObjtoF5.c, RegularReader.c, ScalarSimple.c, and SchwarzschildF5.c.

Field Documentation

ID of currently used chart that is valid for the field

Group of all charts per grid

The TableOfContents group ID

The field enum type for this file. If none is defined here, then F5Ttransient_F5field_enum() is to be used, but on first write access to a file then F5Tsave_F5field_enum() is to be called. This field type may also refer to a type loaded from a disc, and may then contain versioning information about the field descriptions within this file.

ID of the field (can be group or dataset ID)

A textual description from F5contents.h

Reference to file ID

Chart domain ID's as they are committed in the file

Global chart group

Grid ID

Chart domain ID's as they reside in memory

Representation group ID (the group containing all datasets)

HDF5 Slice Group (uppermost group)

ID of the grid's topological space (e.g. refinement level)

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